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There are several veterans on our board, which gives the BVTF more insight to the experiences and situations veterans, (stateside or in foreign countries, in peace time or war) might have gone through. With this personal information available to us, we can provide the answers veterans, local or visiting, ask.

One way we serve those who have served us is to provide them the resources they need.  If there is a reunion that needs a bugler, a chaplain, or a list of service groups, we will provide that information. Or call us to get directions to the VA clinic, information about the area, a way to connect with other veterans or just someone to talk with. If we don't know the answer to a question, we will find it and call you back. We are here for you!

Branson is a comfortable place where veterans feel appreciated. And that's another thing we do -- we appreciate you! As a matter of fact, Branson likes to be thought of the place where all veterans feel right at home. And coming here is a homecoming of sorts, which is why the BVTF is very actively involved in the annual November 5-11 Veterans Week, your "Welcome Home Week."

Make sure you give us a call or look us up when you come to Branson or if you are just thinking about visiting here.
Remember, we are "family" and Branson is "home."


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